Photographers’ Co-op Studio

Hi folks,

Please give me your opinions and thoughts on this topic.

A Photographer friend came to me today with the question; “What do you think about a photographers’ co-op?”

I shared my thoughts, but I would really like to be able to share yours too. Let me be clear about one thing: this is not a project that I am personally going to setup, it is for somebody else who is interested.

Here’s the basic concept,

• Create a photography studio, equipped with lighting, backgrounds, props, etc. where members could arrange shoots with their clients.

• Members would pay a monthly membership fee, allowing them a certain number of hours per month.

• Additional hours can be purchased if needed at a very attractive rate, or a member could hold multiple memberships allowing for more hours.

• Members would have access to an online calendar to see what times are available, making it easy for them to book appointments with their clients.

• If a member books an appointment, but fails to show up for the appointment, they will be penalized. This is to ensure that the schedule is not abused for “tentative” appointments, thereby making the studio unavailable to other members.

• The studio would be staffed full-time by somebody qualified to help members setup for shoots, if needed.

• The studio would be located in downtown Wichita.

So, what are your opinions on:

• Membership Rate and hours of usage included in that fee.
• Rate for extra hours.
• Hours of operation.
• Days of operation.
• Would you be interested in participating in such a co-op?

Please leave your comments, and thanks for your input, my friend will appreciate it.


~ by jrcowell on February 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Photographers’ Co-op Studio”

  1. I was under the impression that a studio co-op already existed in Old Town. I thought that sometime last year a small company started a rent-by-the-hour studio with all the equipment already in place. Isn’t that still in business? If not, would it be wise to duplicate their efforts if they weren’t successful? I like the idea but truthfully, I haven’t even utilized the one in existence.

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