About the Fearless Leader

Shooting an outdoor wedding

Shooting an outdoor wedding


Jeff Cowell has been involved in photography at various levels for over 40 years.  After many years as a Software Consultant, he became a full-time professional in the photographic industry in 2001.

Recognizing the need for affordable and concise photo education, he began teaching Photographic Seminars in 2002.  Since then Jeff has traveled throughout the country teaching hundreds of students on subjects including; Basic Photography, Digital Photography, Studio Lighting, Severe Weather Photography, Darkroom Techniques for printing in Color and Black & White, Photoshop and the Business of Photography.

As the photographic industry evolves the subject matter of these seminars continues evolving to keep pace.  Keeping a pulse on the ever-changing climate of the photo industry requires exposure to the participants in this market.  Jeff achieves this by maintaining a position with the largest Professional Photo Lab in Wichita, KS where he also maintains his studio.  By doing this he gets insight into those issues that concern the professional photographer as well as the retail customer, with a unique added advantage of knowing the concerns of a professional lab.  In addition Jeff also runs an online organization of photographers at http://www.usphotographers.com with members from around the world.  These members include seasoned professionals and newbys alike.  Meeting with the members a couple of times each month gives great insight into the pulse, attitude and passions of the today’s photographic world.

Seminar and class formats are all new for 2009 to accommodate a big expansion in the material covered.  The addition of a Photography Boot Camps and extended Photography Schools will take up a lot of time on the schedule but actually increase the offerings to students.

Please have a good look at the details of all of these classes and seminars to see what fits your schedule. Don’t miss the Photo Excursion and Field Trip listings too.

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