Sensor Cleaning – Is it just a big scam?

I know that by this time most readers have converted to digital cameras and many of you are using digital SLR cameras.  So you might be wondering about the need to have your sensor cleaned.  Well, that happens to be a service that I offer, so maybe I’m a little biased in my answer, but I do have evidence to bolster my position.

A Sensor before cleaning.This image shows a sensor that came in to me for cleaning.  This is an actual image shot by the camera, no it is not doctored in any way.  Truly, that much dirt makes a big difference in every image that you shoot, and unless you want to spent your life dust-spotting your images, it could be a wise idea to have your sensor cleaned.

Can you do it yourself?

Of course you can, but without investing in the right equipment, you could be risking a costly repair.  Yes, I have seen videos on the Internet about how easy this is to do.  If you believe that it is easy to do, then by all means; have at it.  Just make sure you do this to your own camera first.  That way you are not going to ruin anybody else’s camera.

But my camera has a built-in sensor cleaning function.

Yes, it may have, but when it is done shaking dirt and debris off your sensor it has to go somewhere.  I have cleaned many cameras that have built-in sensor cleaning functions, and they have a lot of dirt accumulated at the bottom of the sensor.  Unless somebody goes into that chamber and removes the dirt, it is going to remain there and continue to be redeposited on your sensor.

~ by jrcowell on September 13, 2014.

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