You know it’s hot when…

I finally decided today that it has been too hot for too long here in Kansas.  My buddy Patrick is out of town for the weekend so I go over to water his herb garden when he’s gone.  Today I got into my truck, looked up at the temperature and said to myself “Wow, it’s only 102°”!!!  Something about that thought felt really wrong. 

Since I brought up the subject of heat; I might as well mention that your camera batteries are in peril when you are out in high temperature shooting situations, just like when you are in the extreme cold.  Make sure you have backups and do your best to keep them cool (not cold) so you can swap out the batteries when they get too hot to function properly.  If you happen to have a cooler with you and it has one of those sandwich trays in the lid, that could be a good place to hold your backup batteries.

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~ by jrcowell on July 16, 2011.

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