Photoshop School in Wichita starts Friday


Photoshop School 

Four Weeks (6 p.m. to 9 p.m. each Friday) 

With the steady growth in the digital photography industry, the need for Photoshop knowledge is in demand more than ever. This school is designed to get you up and running with all of the basic tools that you need to be productive in this popular image editing software. 

Over the course of four weeks we’ll cover a wide array of topics designed to address most of the issues that you’ll use Photoshop to edit and correct.Photoshop Hand-coloring sample

You don’t need to know Photoshop to enroll in this school and you don’t need to have a computer with you for the classes.
Photoshop workshops will be offered separately where you can bring your computer and work on projects with my guidance.
Our principal objective is to make you productive with this high-power editing software and comfortable with all of the tools you’ll commonly use in your edits.

You’ll learn a lot of shortcuts and get a cheat sheet to help remember these keystrokes. The shortcuts are an essential part of being productive in Photoshop and they will be covered in detail on Day One. So don’t miss any part of this series if you want to maximize your ability to be productive and pleased with your Photoshop output.

Photoshop CompositionsThese seminars are geared towards the beginner through intermediate user and will cover some topics that are useful to those who are already advanced Photoshop users. I will provide you with instruction on all of the basic tools and their use with a variety of examples. I will present the lessons via digital projection display.

We will concentrate on advanced creativity techniques in the third and fourth days of this series teaching you how to quickly create advanced image output. We will also show you how to quickly and easily retouch photos for maximum production. Our objective is to make sure you leave with the tools you need to be productive with your images, and with the ability to offer more products to your customers.  

I will be teaching this workshop with Photoshop Version 7 or above. The tools that I’m teaching exist in almost all versions of Photoshop including Elements. However, the location and function of the tools in Elements will vary from the full version of Photoshop. 

You will still benefit from the workshop if you are using Elements.


An overview of the classes; 
Day 1  This session is essential, as we will be covering tools and shortcuts that will be used throughout all of these classes. If you miss Day 1 you’re likely to be unable to keep up with the balance of the lessons in this series. 

Lasso Tools
Rubber Stamp / Cloning Tool
Hand Tool
Move Tool
Text / Type Tool

Selections / Modification of Selections
Color Correction / Levels / Curves
Eraser Tool
Resizing Images for multiple applications
Converting Images to other formats

Day 2 

Replacing Color
Hue / Saturation adjustments
Saving Selections
Loading Selections
Dodging and Burning
Eye Dropper Tool

Resizing Images (with detail on resolution)
Layer Effects
Canvas Size / Resizing the Canvas
Create a Composition with multiple images
Line / Pencil Tool

Day 3 

Changing Layer Opacity
Creating a Matte
Adding Photos to create a collage
Transformations – Maintaining aspect ratio
Layer Effects
Using Guides 

Creating Borders in a collage
Adding Text windows
Using Masks for a collage
Gradient Fills
Paint Bucket Tool
Fill with foreground color, background color 

Day 4 
Using Masks for retouching
Blurring the background
Unsharp mask
Gaussian blur
Modifying brushes
Using masks for hand-colored Black & White effect
Red Eye Correction
Brightness & Contrast
Modifying brushes / saving brushes

This is just an outline of the topics we’ll discuss. Our objective is to make sure you leave with a good grasp of the tools in Photoshop that are most important to you. Meanwhile, we’ll seek to expose you to tools and shortcuts that will become important to you as your experience in Photoshop develops. 



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