Photography Equipment Auction in Wichita

A friend of mine will be selling at auction all of his Photography Studio equipment at his Wichita location.  The target date for this sale is August 21st, 2010, but that is not confirmed yet.  The equipment to be sold will include: 

studio lights
light stands
light modifiers (softboxes, umbrellas, grids, snoots, etc)
radio triggers
light meter
backdrops (paper, fabric and canvas)
background pulley system
autopoles & accessories
boom arms
studio furniture
studio props
costumes (hats, blouses, wedding dresses, cocktail dresses & skirts, shoes)
large display monitors (4 – 28″ monitors now mounted in front room including the stands)
smaller display monitors (several from 19″ to 22″) including stands
wall mounting hardware for all monitors
several portable flash units (Canon, Metz, Vivitar)
misc. clamps & fittings for stands and poles 

All property to be sold will be available for inspection prior to the sale date.  A sales flyer will be available closer to the sale date. 

Keep an eye on this blog to get updates as they become available.

 Update August 1, 2010

The dates for the auctions will be as follows:

September 11, 2010 beginning at 9:00 am Bruce Ward Photos Studio Equipment will be auctioned.

September 28, 2010 beginning at 6:00 pm Bruce Ward Law Office, office furniture and equipment will be auctioned.

Both auctions are schedule to take place at Bruces office located at 239 S Pattie, Wichita, KS.  Either or both of these auction could be precluded by prior sale if any interested party executes a successful deal with Bruce.  If you are interested in getting involved in a studio that is already at an established location with 1700 sq ft of office space, you might want to contact Bruce to discuss your interests.

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