Depth of Field Workshop

Photo Seminars by Jeff Cowell

Once you’ve identified your subject, it’s important that you consider how you want to treat that subject with focus and composition in relation to other secondary subjects and background.  That’s where it’s important that we know how to control our depth-of-field so we can isolate our subject and present it appropriately in our photos. 

I have considered depth-of-field to be the first element of composition for many years and believe that it’s critical to work it out before you worry about a lot of other considerations in our photos.  In working out what we want to do with our depth-of-field we will create in our minds an image of what will become of other elements in our composition.  This will generally take us right through all of the technical aspects of getting the exposure we need to make a good image at the same time we are creating the desired presentation of the subject(s) for our viewers.

If you need some work on Depth of Field and you’re in Wichita on Sunday, perhaps you should join us for the Photography Workshop – Depth-of-field.

For four hours we’ll be wandering around finding subjects that demand good control over your depth-of-field.  I’ll be providing one-on-one assistance as well as group chats to help everyone get practice and knowledge they need on this important subject.

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