Rick Torres for Congress

Not one of my normal blog messages, but I want to help support a highschool buddy in his campaign.  Please have a look at this short YouTube video for a brief bio of this great candidate in Connecticut.


Rick and I went to school in Connecticut at Bullard Havens where we were both in Carpentry shop.  Although he was a year behind me I recognized him then as a stand-up kind of guy who would do something meaningful in with his life.  His views expressed in this short video are worth seeing before you settle on any candidate in the Connecticut race.  Please keep in mind, you don’t have to be in Connecticut to support a solid candidate in that race.  Although you can’t support him with your vote, you can go to his website at http://www.ricktorres2010.com/ and give to his campaign.


~ by jrcowell on July 15, 2010.

One Response to “Rick Torres for Congress”

  1. Below is a letter I wrote to the members of the CT Independence Caucus. If you are unfamiliar with this group, check it out at http://www.icaucus.org/ and at http://icaucus.ning.com/. Then take a look at our outstanding candidates and consider giving them your support.
    Hi to all Members of the CT Independence Caucus,
    If each of us SPENDS JUST 15 MINUTES EACH DAY promoting our candidates, we can do a lot toward bringing them to victory in August. If you have not yet joined the web pages of our endorsed candidates, now would be a good time to do that. Here are the links:
    Rick Torres: http://www.ricktorres2010.com/
    Mark Greenberg: http://greenberg2010.com/
    Peter Schiff: http://schiffforsenate.com/
    Once you have signed up for the candidate websites, don’t forget to join their Facebook pages. Then support them every day by forwarding their emails and getting friends to join their Facebook pages. Remember, your recommendation to a friend is a powerful force for a candidate.
    The Independence Caucus is the largest endorsing body in CT outside of the party conventions. We have put months of impressive work into finding candidates who understand the over-reaching of our federal government and the resulting danger to our liberty. Our vetting process of 80 Constitutional questions, the panel interview, discussion, and vote is unmatched.
    In that process Peter Schiff got 82% of the vote in a 2-way race and Rick Torres got 68% of the vote in a 4-way race. Those are powerful wins and meaningful endorsements.
    When Mark Greenburg and Bill Evans were at a standoff in endorsement support, Bill showed the true spirit of the Independence Caucus, removed himself from the race, and put his support behind Mark, completing our third impressive endorsement.
    Let’s defend our exemplary process and the outstanding candidates we have endorsed. It will be the most important thing we ever do.
    In liberty,
    Sherry L. Harris
    Volunteer Coordinator, Rick Torres for Congress
    4th Congressional District Coordinator, Independence Caucus

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