Fireworks Photography Workshop

I have had a suggestion from a student that I should offer a Fireworks Photography Workshop on July 4th to give some hands-on professional help to folks who want to learn how to photograph fireworks.  Giving this some consideration and checking my schedule for the wedding I’m shooting in Derby on that day before I commit to this, but I’d like some feedback from people who might be interested.  Here’s an outline of what I have in mind: 

  1. We will meet at a predetermined location in downtown Wichita at 9:00 and have a little briefing session and setup time.  During this time we’ll get all the preliminary settings handled on your camera and make sure your tripod and everything else is ready to go.
  2. The fireworks will start somewhere around 9:45 and I’ll be available to work with everyone involved to tweak their settings throughout the show.
  3. The cost for this workshop will be $25 per person.

Please share your thought with me and your interest in participating.

Photo Seminars by Jeff Cowell©2010 Jeff Cowell,


~ by jrcowell on July 2, 2010.

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