Boot Camp Day One – all went well

We met today in Beaumont for the first day of boot camp and all went well except for one student who fell ill and didn’t make it.  Tomorrow should be a real blast, we’ll have airplanes flying in and motorcycle gangs, talk about your target-rich environment for photographers.  We will also be spending a little time on the Ferrell Ranch tomorrow and should have some good wild flower shooting to do.  

Tonight there was some burning in the Flint Hills nearby and I went out to scout around and see if there was anything worth shooting, but found the fires to be about a half-mile off the road and not really photo-worthy.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow evening if there are any more fires nearby. 

So, when are you going to sign up for one of my schools or boot camps?


Photo Seminars by Jeff Cowell© Jeff Cowell,


~ by jrcowell on April 10, 2010.

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