Flint Hills burning today

I got it on good authority last night that the Flint Hills of Kansas will be experiencing extensive burning today.  Weather conditions were forming up for this to be the best day for burning and needless to say, the ranchers are anxious to get to work on that task.  The wet and windy weather that we’ve been experiencing has been preventing these fires that are so important for regenerating the prairies.  Get your camera, get in the car and get out there.  

While you’re out there I suggest stopping by the Hitchin’ Post in Matfield Green for one the best hamburgers you can get and some fresh-cut french fries too (Just tell Susan that I sent you).  If you have no idea why the fires are important to the Flint Hills and the Prairie; go out to the Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve just north of Strong City and have a look at the video they play for visitors in the barn.  While you’re up there the Spring Hill (a.k.a. Z-Bar) Ranch is a great place to see, as is the Lower Fox Creek School. 

If you get a little hot in the afternoon you can stop at the Emma Chase Cafe in Cottonwood Falls and have a some ice cream.  Also in Cottonwood Falls you can take some shots of the waterfall from the restored historic bridge on the north end of town. 

In short, if you go up the turnpike to the Cassoday exit and head north on the Scenic Byway KS 177, you should be able to find some burning locations.  Otherwise you might want to head east on US400 and get out to the Beaumont area for another good chance of finding some burning.  If you head out that way, stop by the Beaumont Hotel and Cafe for lunch and refreshments while you get some photos of the historic Beaumont-Frisco Water Tower.  Be sure to tell Linda that I sent you that way. 

Be careful out there, and don’t get in anybody’s way.

Photo Seminars by Jeff Cowell© 2010 Jeff Cowell, jeffcowell.com


~ by jrcowell on April 8, 2010.

One Response to “Flint Hills burning today”

  1. Hope some you able bodied Photographers can make the event that is posted and also stop by one of the other sites also, all very worth while. Being stuck at work for today makes me some what envious. Hope to see some results of Prarie fires. Will be doing a burn of my own soon, and have been invited to do some arial shots with a friend, hope that pans out.

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