Film Cameras and Equipment for Sale

I have a vast collection of Film camera and darkroom equipment that will be going on sale in the days ahead.  If you have any particular interest(s) let me know soon, otherwise I will be posting items on eBay. 

The items include:

  • Enlargers
  • Nikon Cameras
  • Nikon Lenses
  • Maymiya medium-format cameras RB-67
  • Maymiya lenses
  • Maymiya Twin-lens-reflex camera C-330
  • Darkroom Trays
  • Polaroid MP4 Copy Camera
  • Gear bags
  • Studio Backgrounds
  • VHS Video Camera
  • Timers
  • Easels
  • Masks
  • Print Processing drums
  • Print Washer
  • Autopoles
  • Super Clamps

Photos will be available for all items offered.

Reach me via:

Photo Seminars by Jeff Cowell© 2010 Jeff Cowell,


~ by jrcowell on April 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “Film Cameras and Equipment for Sale”

  1. Are the dark room trays enamel? And do you teach any darkroom developing? I am an amature

    • I have 11 x 14 Stainless Steel trays and one or 2 16 x 20 plastic trays. I can teach black and white darkroom print processing, but I only offer it as a one-on-one training option these days.

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