Macro Photography Workshop

Macro Photography Workshop

By Jeff Cowell  

4 Hours Kansas City Plaza Fountain shot

A Four-Hour venture into the art of Macro Photography  

This workshop is intended for photographers who want to take their art into bigger and broader world of small subjects.  Register Early – Space is limited to 15 people. 

Bring your camera, tripod, flash, reflectors and all your lenses.  We will be learning the art of photographing small subject and making them appear big to our viewers.  You will learn how to show details of smaller subjects that will attract the attention of anyone who sees your photos.  We will spend about 2 hours in the classroom discussing the techniques involve in Macro Photography before heading out to try out what you’ve learned on some real subjects.  We will be doing our classroom session at my studios at 2300 E Douglas Ave, and weather permitting we will head to Botanica The Wichita Gardens for our workshop.  The admission to Botanica is included in the price of this workshop, so all you have to do is provide your own transportation between here and there.   

Click here for registration and dates

Photo Seminars by Jeff Cowell© 2010 Jeff Cowell,    


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