Museums and Funding in 2010

Museums and funding in 2010

How are you coping?  

In these economic times it is essential to leverage every resource possible to maintain the funding levels needed to support your programs.  One of the most positive ways to accomplish this task is to offer something new and useful that will be attractive to your members and non-members alike.   

I offer a program that can help.

You raise funds without a big development budget or effort.  

Let’s face it: cutting budgets does nothing to get new members or patrons through the doors to help support your efforts.  People want something new and interesting; something that they feel is worth an investment, something they feel they will benefit from.  That’s why educational programs are a powerful tool for attracting the much-needed funds to support your museum’s daily operations.  Continuous offerings in this area help to smooth out cash-flow issues, while also building a stronger, more dedicated membership.  But there’s one area of education that I’ve found underserved at most museums: Photography.  

In 2010 the digital camera is nearly as common as the cell phone, and sometimes as heavily used.  Many users have little if any training in photography and would love to get better pictures.  To that end I offer a series of Photography Classes specifically designed to be offered to your members and patrons, and for your benefit.   

The current roster of classes includes:  

The links above will display outlines of each program (these specific events hosted at the Wichita Art Museum).

Presentation of each class is on projection screen, narrated live by me, and last 2 hours.  

Who am I?

My name is Jeff Cowell and I have been teaching photography seminars and workshops for over 8 years around the United States.  To date I have served over 2,500 students in the topics listed plus others, such as Photoshop and Studio Lighting.  In addition to teaching photography in the classroom I also lead Photo Excursions and Field Trips more than 20 times each years.  

Get more details.

Isn’t it time to start a program like this on your campus?  

Contact me at:     


                                    Jeff Cowell  

                                    J R Cowell Images  

                                    2300 E Douglas Ave  

                                    Wichita, KS 67214  


Download the PDF for Printing: Museums and funding in 2010


Photo Seminars by Jeff Cowell©2010 Jeff Cowell,


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