The Box of Rocks Photo Excursion 2010 is coming soon.

Once a year we head out for Western Kansas to explore some of our great State’s more interesting landscapes.  Before you know it that time will be here again, and we plan to have a blast this year visiting some new sites that have never been included on this trip. NO, you haven’t been there and done that!  That’s right; I’m changing the trip again.  

Those of you who participated in our previous Box of Rocks Photo Excursions or our Flint Hills Photo Excursions, know how much fun these excursions truly are.   

Well, this year the Box of Rocks Photo Excursion is sure to be a real crowd pleaser for this 2-day and 2-night trip.  Instead of leaving on Saturday Morning, we are heading out on Friday evening.  That will give us the ability to go further out than ever before and still be home at a reasonable hour on Sunday evening.   

Have a look at all the details: 

Photo Seminars by Jeff Cowell

© 2010 Jeff Cowell,


~ by jrcowell on March 19, 2010.

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