Covered Bridge Photo Excursion/Boot Camp

I am now pondering a 7-day Covered Bridge Photo Excursion to include a 5-day Photography Boot Camp. My target location is Parke County, Indiana where we will have over 30 Covered Bridges nearby, that we can photograph 5217in the afternoons for 4 days of the Boot Camp. We would have 15 hours of classroom work, 3 hours every morning. Then we would spend the afternoons out in the field practicing what we covered in the classroom (and more).  There’s a real diversity of subjects to photograph in addition to the Covered Bridges, and I suspect we will be able to create a vast collection of photos for everyone involved.  There will be a strict limit of 10 people involved, so I’ll have time enough to spend with everyone while we are out shooting.   Because I’m planning this trip for October, there is also a good chance the trees will be turning, so we may have some beautiful foliage for our photos.  Not to mention, the temperatures should be great for being outside all afternoon. 

The week I’m planning for is also just before the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival.  What that means to us, is that the bridges will have fresh paint and most of the brush and weeds should be cut back from them.

My idea is to leave Wichita on a Saturday morning (the 1st Saturday in October) and start teaching on Sunday morning in Indiana. We would leave Parke County and start heading back towards Wichita on Thursday after the classroom session. That gives us a day and a half to get back to Wichita for Friday evening. It is very likely that we will stop along the way to shoot for half a day on our return trip. If you have any interest or suggestions, please comment here on the blog.

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~ by jrcowell on July 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Covered Bridge Photo Excursion/Boot Camp”

  1. Can’t wait to learn from our Fearless Leader

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I can’t get away for that long. Kids ya know.

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