Hands-on Photography Education

If you are one of those people who learns better by doing, then my Photography School is where you need to be.  We spend 15 hours in the classroom, 3 hours per day over 5 days.  Then we spend 12 hours in the field where you can get some great experience and personalized training on your camera.  For the first 4 days of the class, we spend 3 hours in the classroom and then spend another 3 hours in the field shooting.  On the 5th day we have 3 hours in the classroom to learn about file management.  Besides all that: you’ll get a fully illustrated 69 page book covering all the topics we’ll discuss in class.

5058Need a little more enticement?  OK, since you’re reading my blog, how about you use the discount code “fl” and save 15% too?  Go here for more details and registration: http://photobootcamp2009-blog.eventbrite.com

The next school starts on August 1st in Wichita, KS and runs for 5 Saturdays.  Yes, I know it’s hard to give up 5 Saturdays in a row, but you’ll be greatly rewarded for your time.  If you have schedule conflicts, you can make up classes during other sessions of this school.

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~ by jrcowell on July 16, 2009.

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