Covered Bridge Photo Excursion – wrap-up

Yesterday was the end of my 2009 Covered Bridge Photo Excursion.  In summary:

  • I photographed 43 Covered Bridges, 11 in Ohio and 32 in Indiana. 
  • Drove 2976 miles and used 166 gallons of gas.
  • Shot a wedding for Jared and Stephanie at the Liberty Church in Delaware, OH.
  • Visited Cindy in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
  • Visited with Marie and Laura in Kansas City, MO.
  • Shot the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.
  • Did some more fountain shots at the Plaza in Kansas City.


The last covered bridge shoot that I did was in the evening at the Bridgeton Bridge.  This bridge now has a date of 2006 because the original was destroyed by an arson fire in 2005.  It really was good to learn that the arson was caught and prosecuted. 

The craftsmanship that goes into building one of these bridges is astonishing, and it is a great experience to walk and drive through them.  Speaking for myself; I truly admire the ingenuity that went into designing and building covered bridges.  The replacement that was built at Bridgeton in an amazing replica of the original bridge.  To think of the labor involved in building something from these massive timbers in the 1800s, gives one pause.  It is clearly hard enough work today, with all the cranes and power tools available now.  To think of the manual labor in the 19th century that was invested in constructing one of these bridges, it is hard to believe that some idiot would want to burn it down.

Covered bridges are a testiment to American ingenuity, hard work and dedication to progress.  That is among the reasons I enjoy documenting these great American landmarks.  You can enjoy more photos of these Covered Bridges at: and keep an eye out for opportunities to join me on my Photo Excursions:

©2009 Jeff Cowell


~ by jrcowell on July 11, 2009.

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