The Blue & the Gray: Brother Against Brother

Old Cowtown horse-drawn wagonIt was a good day for photography Sunday May 31st at Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, KS.  The Blue & the Gray: Brother Against Brother, Civil War reenactment activities were interesting to view and to photograph, not to mention the rest of the living museum that is Old Cowtown.

Mostly I enjoyed the Battle Engagement Reenactment, which I felt was great for taking photos, with plenty of action, smoke and dust.  The acting was, well, about what you might expect in a reenactment like this, but it was fun all the same.  Muzzle BlastI always enjoy shooting artillery demonstrations, although I really wish I would remember to put my ear plugs in my camera bags (having written that, I just got up from my desk to add ear plugs to my camera bags).

The temperatures were in the 90s on Sunday afternoon, but the Museum has plenty of shady places, and the air conditioned Saloon was very comfortable.   Dixie Lee Saloon GirlsThe Dixie Lee Saloon Girls performance was certainly amusing, and by all means ‘colorful.’

If you live in Wichita, or are visiting; I do encourage you to stop by and check out the Old Cowtown Museum.  The Museum is located at 1865 West Museum Boulevard and you can get details and activity calendars at their website:

Blacksmith at Old CowtownI also need to thank Mike the Blacksmith for making a link for my chain that I started at Fort Larned.  I hope to continue adding to that chain as I visit each of the historic forts and living museums during my photographic travels.  Judging from the difference between the two links I have so far, it will be a very interesting looking chain when it is finished.  Perhaps I will start posting photos of the chain on the blog as it takes shape.  Right now it does not look much like a chain, so I am going to pass on doing that photo for now.  If anyone knows some more blacksmith shops that I might stop in at, I would like to hear about them.

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