Memorial Day 2009 at Fort larned, KS

Canon Fired at Fort Larned, KS

Canon Fired at Fort Larned, KS

Memorial Day 2009 was the perfect day to spend at Fort Larned, Kansas.  Not only is Fort Larned the finest in fort reconstruction, the weather on Memorial Day was beautiful for the visit.  A couple of friends and I took off from Wichita in the morning and made the 2½ hour drive to the Fort Larned National Historic site.  When we arrived, the Fort was fairly quiet although there were many cars in the lot.  Many storms were forming all around the Fort area, but it was pleasant and dry for our entire visit.  Best of all: the wind was constant, cool and strong enough to keep the flag waving beautifully.  The grounds were great for photography and the re-enactors were very pleasant and cooperative too.

We wandered the grounds taking photos and enjoying the sites until the Artillery demonstration which was quite enjoyable too.  I’ve posted a complete set of photos at:, so please have a look and enjoy.


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