Seven Hours Later

A casual gaze out the door.

A casual gaze out the door.

Welcome to a Kansas spring!  Seven hours ago, I shot the photo for my previous post, and you can see how heavy the snow was still falling.  Seven hours and a snow plow later; it is hard to believe how it looked out the same door this morning.

This scene reminds me of how dramatic the spring weather in Kansas can be.  Just about 2 days ago, I was hoping for some thunder-snow with this storm.  When the storm hit it started as a steady stream of sleet that coated everything long before the snow started.  Tree branches and power lines covered with ice, are dropping bombs everywhere now.  As I walked outside to snap this photo, I saw the neighbor’s dog running away from ice that had fallen from the tree into the driveway. 

Several years ago we had a snow that dumped 10″ of snow on Wichita one day, and 12 hours later my buddy Tom and I were on dry roads, driving out of town to a meeting in Cincinnati. 

For those of you who have never experienced spring in Kansas, it is a unique place to be, and a great season to experience.  From here, we will be looking for all the severe thunderstorms that are common in this part of the world.  Along with those storms, we will watch for and expect some large hail and tornadoes.  Like so many places in the world, you learn to take the good with the bad, and the weather is often a factor in that balance.  To me, today’s storm indicates that spring has indeed sprung in Kansas.  The warmer weather is about to hit and the wildflowers will be popping up everywhere. 

That is why I schedule the annual Box of Rocks Photo Excursion for the first weekend in May.  Our mornings and evenings will be cold, but the rest of the day will be wonderful for shooting the gorgeous landscapes and rock formations of Kansas.  I hope for your sake, that you can join us.


~ by jrcowell on March 28, 2009.

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