An Official Declaration from your Fearless Leader

As your Fearless Leader, I felt it was important for me to peek outside today and make this official declaration:
Today would be a good day to stay inside and edit all those photos that you’ve been needing to get done.
A Peek Outside
A Peek Outside

Around 11:00 yesterday morning we started getting heavy sleet in Wichita and that continued well into the night.  Some time this morning the sleet changed to mostly heavy blowing snow and that continues now at noon on March 28th, 2009.  As a result of this weather I canceled the Business of Photography Class, that would have met for it’s second week today.  One of my students replied to the cancelation notice,  “it’s a great opportunity to procrastinate for another week on the homework.”   Well Matt, if you are keeping up on my blog, I just want you to know that I plan to double up on next week’s homework.

At any rate, this weather pushes back my seminar schedule by one week.  This setup will not affect my schedule in the long run because I had one saturday setup as a reserve for the possibility of a weather delay.  This simply means that I will be teaching on April 18th and leaving for San Antonio on the 19th.  April 20th to 24th I will be teaching the Photography Boot Camp in San Antonio.  This Boot Camp should be full of great photo opportunities for the students and I’m actually planning to carry my own camera for this session.  I’m really looking forward to using the old missions in San Antonio for this class.  Besides all that, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to find some exciting weather while I’m on the road for this trip.


~ by jrcowell on March 28, 2009.

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