Welcome to the Fearless Leader’s Blog

Welcome to the Jeff Cowell / Fearless Leader Blog!

I’ve got some work to do to get this started, but I plan to offer a bunch of content here and I’m looking forward to your comments. Please check back for all kinds of content about Photography, Photoshop and my adventures in the world.  Please be sure to visit my websites at jrcowell.com and usphotographers.com too.

The bulk of the information that I have planned for this blog is columns that I’ve written for newspaper publication.  It’s my hope that you’ll find this information helpful and share it with your friends and associates.  I offer many photography-related seminars, workshops, boot camps and excursions throughout the year and would like to invite you to participate in some of these events.  You’ll find links to these events throughout the blog or you can visit any of these sites for information now:



~ by jrcowell on March 1, 2009.

One Response to “Welcome to the Fearless Leader’s Blog”

  1. Welcome to the world of wordpress.com, Jeff. I’m glad that you made the decision to join us here. The world of photography will greatly benefit from your years of experience and, your wealth of knowledge.


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